Sunday, May 11, 2014

In search of good food Lucknow- Part 2

Another must try is the zeeshan biryani corner which serves great biryani.This is close to Dastarkhwan in Hazratganj,Lucknow
(Above Zeeshan biryani)
You can top your meal with kulfi falooda to beat the heat.This Persian dessert is v famous all over India
(Above Kulfi Falooda)
We then move around the Aminabad market which has various snack outlets serving dal moth, mixtures which can be had with tea.
      (Above Navratan mixture)
We then move to one of the most famous eateries for royal Awadhi cuisine -Tunde ke kebab.One can also try tomato chicken, murgh-e-massalamm, mutton biryani and awesome tangdi kabab, roasted chilly chicken.

(Above chicken curry)

(Above mutton biryani)

(Above roasted chicken  )

(Above Tunde ke kebab)

Sweets are can eternal part of Avadhi cuisine. You can relish shahi tukda imarti and jalebis at sweetmarts aroundvevery nook and corner

You can buy beautiful chikankari kurtas, salwar kurta,sarees,for all age groups men women and children.Do bargain before you finalize the purchase.We found exquisite collection at Nazaakat wholesale store in main market of Aminabad
Aminabad is also a hot favorite shopping destination amongst women as you will find numerous shops selling bangles,bridal jewelry,clothes,lehengas and household articles.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

In search of good food Lucknow- Part 1

We come to the land of kebabs and biryani, often known as the heaven for non-vegetarians.. Lucknow the Mecca of Avadhi cuisine.Our first stop here is the famous biryani center which the locals swear by...Idris.  Idris ki biryani(Patanala near kotwali Chowk Bazaar,Lucknow) is the mother of all biryanis..Do not go by the look of the place,it has served anyone and everyone who has ever been to Lucknow
Must try is the mutton biryani and also chicken variant

You will keep asking for more...

Now that we have had lunch we move ahead to Shri Lassi corner(chowk,west Lucknow) to have some tasty lassi (sweetened yogurt drink) to beat the summer heat.Lucknow tends to go hot as it is in the middle of the Indian plains.
Huge dollop of yummy yogurt...
Another must try is the chole bhature or the channa bhatura (fried bread made of all purpose flour along with spinach based chick peas curry served with pickle and onions)
After a heavy meal do try the betel leaves Paan which is another UP specialty which helps you digest heavy meals
Our next stop in evening is the Sharma tea corner(Lalbagh, Lucknow) famous for its tea and band makkhan(UP's version of Bun muska or heavily buttered bun)
You can also try samosa patties made of spicy mashed potatoes fried in batter of all purpose flour
Tea is heavenly and instantly lifts you up
Bund Makkhan is buttery slightly sweet and brings out the child in you
Bon Appetite!!!
Lucknow's streets are filled with flavors and surprises... We come back with tummy full and a smile...