Thursday, March 21, 2013

In search of Good Food-Udupi & Mangalore Part 1

It is nostalgia of childhood, reminiscent of Malgudi days, as we venture out in quiet and serene town of Udupi, 
Shri Krishna Mutt beckons you from Car street as though the Lord standing with his arms stretched far and wide.
A sense of calm prevails and quietens any storm within, with the very sight of little Baal Krishna, standing with Mathni.
Wicks flickering away inside the temple to show you the real reason of the peaceful existence-Presence of the Lord Himself 
Udupi is famous for the Ashtta Math(Mutt)-8 religious centers.

Shri Krishna temple complex is complete with Gaushala(place where cows are reared)

They serve food for all devotees,special menu is served to those who donate for the trust.

To serve large quantities of food, the kitchen has be equally equipped.

huge quantity of rice, ready to be served.

Vegetable Curry
Rasam,indian lentils cooked with tomato and spices

and followed by sweet, Payasam

Devotees sit in an orderly fashion and savor the Prasadam.

Outside the temple, you can find 'mthni' i.e. the churner as a momento. The reason for this being the momento is that Lord Krishna in the temple is holding this churner in one of his hands.

Around Shri Krishna Temple is the ChandramouleshwaraTemple,
 It is believed that the moon did penance to get rid of a curse  of Daksha. It is said that moon performed his penance where Udupi is now located. He prayed to Lord Shiva, who was hence called Chandramouleshwara.