Saturday, December 8, 2012

In search of Good Food-Bhavnagar: Malai Gola...

On our recent visit to Bhavnagar, we finally had the famous 'gola' or the dish-gola as the locals say.

Ice-gola is available all across the country, so what is it here that makes this dish-gola, so special???

 Is it the "Delicious Toppings" or  the"Rustic flavor of love"

Difficult to have it just once and decide for yourself..

You will keep wanting more... :)

We bring to you the journey of this lip-smacking Ice-gola to your tastebuds..
 As a start, a block of ice is kept in a slush maker(Gola maker) to collect the ice flakes.

These flakes are served on a stick elsewhere in the country, are set in a small bowl, as a base.

Depending on what you choose from the menu,
Flavored syrups are then splashed on to the ice dumpling.

It is then topped up with a generous serving of full cream (Malai)
to give it a milky overdose.
and some more helping...:-)
It is then coated with cashews,nuts,tutti frutty and raisins 
Thereafter, topped up with some more nuts,dry fruits and cherries..

And some more flavored syrups.. to give it that extra zing..
You will keep wanting some more....
                                                                      Bon Appétit!!