Sunday, May 6, 2012

In search of Good Food-Visit to Amritsar,Part-4(D Bylanes of the Old city)

Satsri Akaal!
Our quest to good food would be incomplete, without a mention of local food, in the bylanes of old city of Amritsar.
However we begin the journey ,with our visit to the Jallianwala Bagh..
Standing amidst the hustle bustle of the market place,quiet is a piece of our freedom ,our History.
  Its a quiet and yet chirpy morning of 23 March 2012.
Ironically you may say.
The Morning is as quiet as the eerie silence of the past,at the Martyr's well here.
And as chirpy as a local jogger's park of the modern times.

There is a lull  in the air,when we read the memoirs of that fateful day of Baisakhi -13 Apr 1919 when thousands were massacred by General Dyer.

We enter this narrow lane remembering our history lessons and wondering who could have escaped through this tiny outlet.Also remembering, that 23March was also a fateful day.
In1931, 81years ago,it was this day when Bhagat Singh was executed in the Lahore Jail along with Rajguru and Sukhdev.

Although Jallianwala bagh is now more of a joggers park,you can feel an eerie silence at the memorial.

The walls around still show the marks of the bullets lodged on the fateful day where 20,000 people were massacred.The marks will be 100 years old in 2019 and yet the wounds so fresh.

There is still a lump in your throat, when you think how many innocent people jumped into the deep Martyrs well in order to escape the bullets.Most of us silently praying for the souls of the departed.

We walk out now, into the 'Today' , surrounded by the regular sounds of the market place.
Barely a stone's throw away from Jallianwala Bagh, is the restraurant 'Virsa'.
It serves a good vegetarian meal.. from Chinese to continental and to the assorted South Indian cuisine. We are informed here,that there is no non-veg fare allowed within the old city as a mark of respect to the Golden Temple.

We take a right from Jallianwala and walk into a lane of local Kirana shops selling every little need of the household.As we walk along,talking to the locals, we are told, If you wanna taste authentic Kulchas head straight to the Premnath Kulche wala couple of mins from here.

However,walking along the lane,we stumble upon a tiny eatery serving Nashta (breakfast),
Puri chana and the traditional tangy Gaajar and shalgam ka achar(Pickle of Carrot and turnips ) delicious looking Gud ka halwa(Healthier version of the Semolina Pudding  made with Ghee & Jaggery instead of sugar )

Its a delight to know as we gulp down the Puris,that you dont need to be at a hi-fi restraurant to find good taste.
All you need is a pure passion for good food.
In this age,when we are used to paying shocking bills for our meals,its a delight to eat a meal made in pure ghee (Clarified butter) hygienically for under a 30 rupees.

We move on, to enter a small bylane to find Preminath Kulcha wala.
The USP of this place is  Aloo Kulche and chole.Its a small shop.The board hardly visible but the taste and the fan following speaks for itself.

A sumptous breakfast of Kulcha chola is all you need to get going at the start of the day.Breakfast fit for the Kings..You can say this is regular breakfast for everyone around.
We stare in surprise as we see a huge pan of butter..Yes look close at the pic below.. Its not Icecream but good old Amul Butter. What a delight! and that too only for 20 Rs..

We head to our next pitstop.. Gurudas Ram Jalebian wale at the Katra Ahluwalia.. The place fondly known as Jalebianwale chowk. Just ask anyone with that name Jalebian wala and you will be directed to it with a smile.
Their family has been serving the customers for the last 50 yrs with hot syrupy Jalebis in a small sweet shop

Ummmm... they melt into the mouth and leave a huge smile on your face..

Run by family for more than 3 generations now,the owners are sweet enough to give us directions to good shopping at the market place

Adios Amigos!..we continue our Journey heading into the market place.. (We will be back for more!)

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