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In search of Good Food-Visit to Amritsar,Part-3(Kesar Da Dhaba)

Amritsar is the city of divine flavors and after you have paid your respects to the Guru. 
Head straightaway to Kesar da Dhaba..
There are dhabas in the country... and then there is Kesar Da Dhaba..
The locals here love it as much as they love Maa ke haath ka khaana...( Home food)
You will be happily directed through the bylanes, to the legendary Mecca of Vegetarian food,whichever part of Amritsar you may be in..

PS: Visit it only when you are strictly HUNGRY!! otherwise you will find it tragic to waste these delights..
You are greeted with this board, as you finally reach through a maze of  narrow lanes, of the market..
Menu is simple and the food wholesome..No Taam jhaam as they say.. 
Decor is simple as you sit down for your meal..
Prices- Affordable & Taste -Just wonderful..
Dishes are strictly made in Desi Ghee(100% Clarified Butter)  and you are served in a jiffy.
Before you know,you drown in the heavenly aroma of good Indian vegetarian food.
The Menu

Locals here are crazy about the Dal served,as much as we, after tasting the delicacy.. Chapati(Indian Bread) is crushed a bit before being served so that Ghee (clarified butter) spreads and you relish each morsel with the oooohs and aaahs... :)

A Chapati thali and Glass full of Lassi is all you need, for a good delightful lunch..
We were delighted by the sheer purity of the curry and dal being served.
Palak Paneer, Dal and 2 Parantha is all you need if you are in the mood for a good lunch but you end up ordering more & more..

We pay a visit again next morning for Breakfast, as one visit to this place, just doesn't suffice.
Aloo Paratha doesn't disappoint you either,you gulp it down with good Lassi and big bowl of curd.and huge Smile on your face.and thanking God for such a place. 
You are after all in the land of Great people and good food... 

We could not stop ourselves, from a quick chat with the owner..We enter the kitchen premises just to know how this place happened.
Estabilished in 1916 and now run by the next generation.
Not surprisingly, the warmth of the people exudes from within & we are greeted with smiles and mutual admiration of good food.
No wonder the food is so pure and fulfilling..

All the cooks and helpers here have been associated with this place for decades.They are warm and gladly show you around.You now see how much hard work goes into making that FOOOD!!
The legendary Dal ,is cooked for 12 hours, slow and steady ,before its served hot...
As we walk around,they continue telling us the history about the place and work in the same rigor.
Locals here love it so much that they do not cook it at home.. Its only a phone call away :)

Be it the Chole or Baingan ka Bharta or Paneer....Each taste is distinct and flavors as pure as the recipe itself Baingan ka Bharta and Palak Paneer wins your taste buds hands down.
Absolutely a blessing ..Served hot.

As we walk along,taking pictures, we see a man busy making hot Chapatis in the Tandoor.He has been here for 35 years, as a co-helper tells us...You only realize that it takes pure passion, dedication and patience to make a place in everyone's hearts 
After all you are in the land of Punjab... The land of 'Khalsa' & Of desi ghee, pure milk ,great people & good food...

There is also a takeaway counter adjoined to this kitchen, if you want to enjoy it at home for dinner..Dal stays good for 6-8 hours without a refrigerator..
We take it along as we head to catch a train and head back to Mumbai..

But before we leave,.How could we not have a sweet...A Desi Indian Meal can never be complete without a dessert!! 
Savour the Gulab Jamuns,Ras Malai or the Phirni before you head to the streets for more shopping!!

I tell you,God has been Kind & smiled up above..and You are spoilt for choices...
Gulab Jamuns


Phirnis..Also a clear favorite with the locals..& a must try here!!

As we walk back with a smile, we only realize what more do you need in life.. 

A clear sky, Fresh Air ,a good home and Great food...

Bon appétit!!

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  1. I like sweets a lot and the above sweets are so mouth watering that I am not able to stop myself eating it.