Saturday, June 9, 2012

In search of Good Food-Visit to Amritsar,Part-5

The Great Indian Breakfast can never be complete without a Cuppa!
Be it tea or coffee or Juice.. we all have something we can die for!!
For me.. Its Chai!!! Any time anywhere 24hrs a day... is a time for tea!!!

Along with me, there are hard core Amritsar wallas who believe in a gud cuppa ...masala chai..
So we head to Giani Tea Stall... The lifeline of Amritsar... A favourite with the locals & the celebrities.
 You wont believe it opens at 4 am in the morning.. and provides a wonderful breakfast of Omelettes,Bread butter toasts, Kachauris and Tea to the early risers.. 
From Morning walk enthusiasts to the truck drivers..and me.. We loved Giani Ji 's Tea.

The visit to Giani Ji s tea stall also proved the age old saying right
 You need to be honest with what you do and you will earn respect in whichever field you are in...
There may be competition from cafes to lounges.. but no one can take away the experience he has..
He tells us fondly that even if 1% of change is done in the tea.I can make out from the aroma of  the tea mixture. You can see the conviction in his eyes when he is brewing the masala Chai!
Cheers!!! I bet you will want some more :) .. Guess what this heavenly cuppa comes @ Rs 5! and with the twist of Elaichi and Masala @ Rs 7!

Bang opposite to Giani Ji's tea stall @ Cooper Road is the Brijwasi Chat bhandaar..

 Ab chai to ho gayi, kuch shaam ke nashte ka intzaam ho bhai....
So lii jiye ho jaye taiyaar Brijwasi Chat wale laye hai 'Chaat' 'Papdii' chatakdaar...

Har mausam mei ho jaye sab right... Jab haath aaye kuch mast khasta sight!!

Each of us love the snacks and chai... :) Trust me how much ever we may throng to burger joints n pizzerias.. But we all love the sight of 'Sev Puris'.. the'Bhelpuris' .. the Dahi Wadaas...& 'Pani Puri/Golgappas/Puchkas..' and Khasta(Crispy) Aloo tikkis....

Cooper Road di shaan Giani ji ki chai and Brijwasi chat ki dukaan!!

All I could write for these two shops..
 You cannot stop at 1 plate You cannot stop at 2...
 You wanna eat more and more.. till your stomach is full...

Vinod ji of Brijwasi chat bhandaar ,,serving it young@55..

Just when you enter the Brijwasi Chat bhandaar is a huge pan where these yummy aloo tikkies are being made!
Khasta yet sasta...You wont believe we couldn't stop at 2...
Dahi papdi...chatpati n chatakdaar ...lazeez aur mazedaaar.....

Do taste the special wada for Dahi wada..
The Normal one has a hole in the middle.This one below...makes you yearn for more...

Ah haa...So long farewell... . But yes I will come back for more!!!

Comments are welcome..!!


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  2. We are going 2 Amritsar for our 1st anniversary.... Rupam and Myself, we both are foodie and looking forward to the trip to hog on some chatakdaar punjabi khana (Langar, chaat, buttershicken, amritsari fish, Kulche......Yum Yum!!) Noted few places from your blog.... Tx :)

    1. Some places in Amritsar that you should not miss. Some of them G&B have mentioned.
      1. Kesar Dhaba - Near Golden Temple
      2. Amritsari Kulche - Ranjeet Avenue - A Block
      3. Fish Fry - Hall Gate
      4. Giani Lassi - Opposite Regent Talkies
      5. Beera Chicken House - Majitha Road
      6. Paneer Pakoda + Kulcha - Vaishno - this is in a very small lane right next to Novelty on Lawrence Road.
      Happy Eating


  3. Gaurav & Bhavna - Good work. I have used your Giani Tea Stall. I have put the link to your post on my blog as photo credits. You can visit the page in case you want to check the same. Hope thats ok with you. Let me know if there are any issues..