Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visit to Mannubhai Sweet and Snack Shop @Bhavnagar,Gujarat

Last week(2nd week of august 2010) I got a chance to sneak in the behind the scenes at Mannubhai Sweet and Snacks shop. This is one of the most famous shops in Bhavnagar,Gujarat,India and goes by the name. Below are some of the pictures that I took of various activities being performed there.

1. Old shop with staff members working on to prepare fresh 'fafda'

2. The owner, Mr Mannubhai(in black glasses)
3. Sweet boondi (fried droplets of besan flour, dipped in sugar syrup)
4. Aloo Sev(grated potato fried in Oil)
5. The frying process...
6. Besan Sev
7. More Sev
8. 'Fafda' in the making
9. More fafda
10 More fafda
11 More fafda
12. More fafda
13. Mixing Besan flour
14. Phoolwadi
15. Gathiyaan
17. Laddoo.......