Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baigan Bharta

This recipe is made from Baigan/Egg Plant/Aubergine.
You will need

1. 2 Egg plants/Baigan(around 200 gm each,serves 4)

2. Finely chopped Onion(2 pcs.),Green Chillies,Ginger (as per taste)

3. Tomato Puree/Tomatoes(finely cut, 2 no.)

4. Grounded spices such as Turmeric,Chilli powder,Coriander powder and Salt
5. Peas (200 gms)

The Steps

1. Apply some cooking oil on the Eggplants and roast them in a grill (20 mins,150 degrees celcius)/gas flame(5 mins)

2. The below ones are roasted in a grill since we do not have a open gas flame here as we have in India.I prefer roasting the eggplant on open gas flame.

3. Peel off the skin and mash the pulp, keep it aside for further cooking

4.Saute the onion in oil with Ginger and chillies for 10 mins

5. Add Tomatoes puree/pieces and the grounded spices, Saute for 10 more mins.

6. Add the peas and saute for 5 mins

7.Add the pulp of Eggplant and saute for 5 mins.Cover the Pan and let it cook for 5 mins.

8. Serve it hot with Indian Bread (Naan/Roti)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paneer Pasanda

This is a Paneer(cottage Cheese)dish (savoured a lot in India).

The ingredients

1. Medium chopped Onions(4 medium pcs), Chilli(1 pc) and Ginger (1 small pc)

2. Tomato Puree (250 gms)

3. Paneer(Cottage Cheese)

4. Ungrounded Spices such as
Cardamon (Big/Small), 2 each
Bay leaves:2-3 leaves
Black pepper :4-5 pieces
Cinnamon. 1 small piece

5. Bell Pepper(1 medium, medium diced)

6.grounded spices such as Turmeric,Chilli,Coriander and Salt

The Steps
1. Saute the Ungrounded spices (ingredients no. 5) in oil in a pan, remove the bay leaves after some time.
Add onion,ginger and chilli. Saute for 10 mins, till Onion turns golden brown

2. Add the grounded spices and Tomato puree and Saute for 10 mins on medium flame

3. Turn off the heat and let is cool.
Add the curd and water (around 200 ml)

4. Blend this mixture prepared in blender when cooled. Blend untill the mixture turns smooth.
Heat some butter/ghee in a pan and pour this mixture
Add the simla mirch and peas which had been heated in microwave for 5 mins

5. Add the mixture in the pan with Simla mirch

6.Add Paneer in the gravy and let it boil for 5 mins

7. Serve Hot, garnish with grated Paneer,Coriander

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peas & Corn soup

Another soup finds its way.
This one is quite easy to prepare and quite healthy too
This was suggested by my collegue at work(Thanks Ashutosh!!)

The ingredients
1. Boiled Corn and Peas (250gm each) serves 4-5

2. Cornflour or daily use flour (1 Tbs)

3. 1 Onion,Garlic(1-2 cloves),Oil (2 Tbs)

The Steps

1. Blend the boiled peas and corn with 250ml water

2. Saute Onion and garlic for 5 mins

3. Add the flour+water now (if using normal daily use whaet flour) or add later(If using cornflour)

4. Add the blended peas and corn mixture.
Boil it for 2 mins.Add salt,pepper,lemon juice and soya sauce.
Server hot!!...

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spinach Mint Soup (SMS)

After some requests for this Soup, I am posting down the recipe for Spinach(Palak) Mint(Pudina) soup. This is a very healthy and light soup.Some of the ingredients are frozen/dried, depends on the availability, however fresh ingredients are always better.

The Ingredients

1. Spinach (fresh/frozen) 250 gms

2. Peas/Sweet Corn (this will act like croutons in the soup)

3. Mint leaves (Fresh/Dried)

4. flour, 2 tbsp(daily used wheat flour)

5. Onion(1 medium sized and finely chopped, small piece of ginger,chilli)
6. Cumin/Jeera (optional), Salt,pepper and lemon juice

The Steps

1.Saute the Cumin,Onion,ginger and chilli in oil for 5-10 mins untill golden brown

2. Add the chopped Spinach and mint leaves and saute for 5 mins.

3. Add the flour and saute for 5 mins

4. Add water (around 750 ml) and cover the pan and cook for 10 mins on medium flame

5. Allow to cool, add more water (250 ml) and blend it in a blender/mixer.
Sieve it through in a vessel.

6. Add salt,pepper and lemon juice as per taste and boil the soup again.
Add the peas/sweetcorn(soften them in a microwave or with the soup)
Serve !!!

Since there are no spices in the soup,without pepper,lemon juice, the soup will be bland in taste. You may try adding some tomatoes with spinach too..

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pumpkin Soup

This is a local preparation from Lithuania.People love soups here and it goes as a main dish for lunch/dinner

The Ingredients

1. Pumpkin (around 250Gms)

2. Onion (1-2), Chilli (optional)

3. Curd/Yogurt(200 gm) or Cream (100 gms)
I prefer Curd over cream since this keeps the soup light

4. Cloves,Cardomom,Salt to taste.

The Steps

1. Cut the pumpkin in small dices

2. Saute the onions,chilli.Cloves and cardamom for 10 mins on medium flame.

3. Add the pumpkin pieces and saute for 5 mins more. Add the salt.

4. Add water (arounf 500 ml) and let it boil for 8-10 mins

5. Cool it, add the curd and blend in a mixer for 15-20 desc.
If using cream, it can be aded after blending.
Pass it though a sieve.

6. Serve it hot, Add some croutons if required.