Sunday, August 24, 2014

In search of good food- Rajasthan diaries- Foodie at Jaisalmer- Part 3

We now share the wonderful food which Jaisalmer offers to a traveler who is on a weekend visit to this magical fort. We bring you those gems which probably you won't find in traveler guides.These are no high end hotels but the ones which are hit with locals.The simplicity of people shows up in the flavors of the desert.The honesty of life brings up the quality of food offered to each guest. We landed at Jaisalmer at lunch so we begin our foodie adventure at noon.

Day1: Our first stop is New Chandanshree restaurant and sweets at overlooking the fort for a lovely Rajasthani meal.You are served thali with sev and laddu and you can also have hot syrupi jalebis if you enjoy your sweets.The desert in the olden days was barren from fresh fruit and vegetables hence this cuisine uses more of the dried berries and vegetables and lots of different flours like ragi, jowar, bajra which is easily available in arid regions.Also cuisine has some amazing techniques like slow cooked gravies with buttermilk and spices.After having an awesome lunch we head to the living fort of Jaisalmer.(Refer to Part 1 of Jaisalmer to discover what we saw.

For our evening tea, we head to the Prabhu tea stall for some hot tea, saffron milk and sutarfeni. This shop is a reason to believe that a tiny shop can be one of the biggest hit in town.It stands in the main chowk right next to bus stop and is a perfect pit stop for any traveler.
The stuff served is high on quality yet at affordable price, is served with lot of love and you will end up having more milk than you ever intended. You have small seating benches where you can catch up with local banter.

For Dinner,we head to Bishnoi hotel opposite police chowki for the best dhaba in town.Dinner is served in traditional dhaba style with hot and unlimited jowar Roti's and spicy hot curries ker sangri and gate ki kadi served with chilled buttermilk.Its no fuss dhaba but one of the best meals that we tasted. Our stomachs were full but heart still longed for some more. Clearly many high end restaurants at metros can learn from people who serve you food here.

Day 2: Next day morning our first pitstop was Shri Ram sweet home for the breakfast of kachori and samosa to be gulped down with hot kulhad wali chai or tea served in earthen cups.

Now that breakfast is over we head to Hawelis and roam around the desert.(Refer part 2 of Rajasthan diaries to read about the gems we saw

After sight seeing we were hungry and tired.It was time for lunch, so we walked down to Hotel Milan which is another favorite with locals for lunch it is food cooked with love at home. Its a small place for having your thalis while mother-son duo serve you from their kitchen and yes Ghar me khane ki baat hi alag hai.Amazing food , no fuss and full of ghee and flavors

Our dinner was at another gem of hotel in Jaisalmer- Hotel Marudhar, next to Railway station, which is actually a small dhaba near some lodges. The taste is awesome and hit with all the tourists who need a typical dhaba feel. You will find families, truck wallahs and locals peacefully enjoying their dinner.Clearly the taste has nothing to do with the ambience here..

Last but not the least, best sweetmart at town is known for the most amazing besan laddus and pedas in Jaisalmer.Both locals and restaurateurs swear by the purity and taste of  Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia.Its one of  the best sweets that we have ever tasted.Do not miss this shop when you drop by.The fame is very visible as we not only spot locals but some Japanese tourists having a quick bite here. Clearly when it comes to flavors, Jaisalmer wins hands down.

We then head out to the desert safari @ Samm ..(Watch out this space for more..)

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