Monday, February 10, 2014

In Search of Good food... Benaras ... Part2...

                                                      Ghats at the Ganges...Food for Soul..

Benaras is a cultural mix of both the old and new..Modern times living amicably with the glorious past..

Call it Kashi or Banaras or Varanasi.. a magical city makes you wonder how much it holds in its periphery.

A morning boat ride at the Ganges is just pure food for soul.. although one is surprised, how we take our resources so carelessly , when you see the filthy drainage of the whole city just merging into a river which is worshiped by the same very folk..

Its probably the biggest paradox one can experience at the mighty Ghats..

Yet you feel that this ride actually, is the ride of the story of your life..

Ghats have always been fascinated about, by the young and the old..for some its finding inner peace when you are alive, for some its a nirvana and for some its just plain way of finding moksha. whatever we call it.. its about finding the purpose of being alive when you are breathing..or just letting go, once you are long gone..

 Mighty Ganges the deity and the Ghats ,a witness to the devotion of those who have been in search of it dead or living..the very thought that Ganges would wipe away every tear shed every pain suffered every little agony like a mother keeps bringing people at its banks.

Some of these Ghats are maintained by respective states or the dynastys like Peshwas, Holkars,Scindias.
 Prayag Ghat...

 Rewa Ghat..
 Janki Ghat..
 Karnataka State Ghat..
Juna Akhada on the Ghat for yoga..
 Shivaala Ghat

 Kshameshwar Ghat..
 Raja Ghat..
 Narad Ghat..
 Digpatiya Ghat..
 Munshi Ghat..
 Rana Mahal Ghat..
 Manikarnika Ghat.. abode of Moksha..where the Hindu cremation takes place.
 Meer Ghat...
 AhilyaBai Ghat
 Chausatti Ghat...
 Babu Pandey Ghat..

Manmandir Ghat...

Scindia Ghat..

Jain Ghat..
Dashaswamedh Ghat.. where Ganga is worshipped...
Welcome to the sunrise of your life.. Welcome to the mighty Ganges.....

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