Sunday, June 10, 2012

In search of Good Food-Visit to Amritsar,Part-6

If you wish to have a traditional meal ,on the go, head to Bharwan da Dhaba /Brother's Dhaba.. which serves the local cuisine for your palate. Food and the ambience are more of the typical new city restraurant, but accessibility makes up for it.

Dal Makhni and Rice.. 

Durga Icecream is the place to be if you wish to have yummy Icecream.. Owner serves you the  Kulfi Faloodas and you are spoilt for choice. He insists we have the Fruit cream before we leave..
We do agree to..and the tastes just brings out a HUGE smile on our faces.
 It is unexpected and cream enhances the quality and flavor of every possible fruit added.. 
Trust me.. You will forget your branded  fruit rich Ice creams/ waffle cones once you taste the unique flavor.
    Yummmy............Wanna Have some more!!
Royal yours... Kulfi Falooda..  whatta Delight!!
Head to Novelty Sweets at Lawrence road if you have a sweet tooth.
 Another local favorite is the Kaanha sweets
I bet with so much food and flavor around, you will feel you cannot digest it all..
Taste beckons but all of ur stomachs full you wud end up with a blurp!!  
You will definitely feel this if you are a traveller and not a local !!.. 
Head straight to the Lubhaya Ram Rehdi wala selling awesome aampapad underneath banyan to the girls college at Lawrence road.
 He owns the shop in the opp side but loves to stand at his stall.
Perfect example of a rags to riches story, he sells world's best Aam papad at a v reasonable price.
Quality is awesome and price fits your budget.. 
150 Rs(as in March 2012) u can get 11 varieties and lasts >3 months without any refrigeration
 You can see the passion in his eyes when he serves you aam papad with a dash of masala and a squueze of lemon..
Aah.... after the sweet tooth it gives perfect tingle to your taste buds 
He chats with us for an hour or so.. gladly directing us to our flavor meccas..
We end up heading to Sharma Jalebi wala to have awesome pure ghee jalebia in the lane opp to Lubhaya ram's stall on his insistence..
Yo Baby... This Ain't no leather.. its edible..and you will end up biting more each time you chew ;-)

Punjab aaye aur paneer and lassi ka zikar na ho to kuch adhoora reh gaya...
You are bound to eat and order paneer each time and in all the forms from curries to flat breads to just a mish mash scrambled bhurjee..Tasty Indian vegetarian response to scrambled eggs.. Just wonderful snack or light meal.
Head to Telephone exchange to Tara chand Bhurjee..

 Each plate cooked right after you can be top it with  fresh fruit juice served by his brother.Telephone exchange has many fruit vendors serving the locals with good fruits and produce from hills.
 Desi Salsa Tomatoes Onions and chillies along with Garlic tempered with butter and 2-3 huge slices of bread and onions
served with sweet and sour chutneys
Ummmmm.... melts into your mouth

 If you wanna pack good sweets head to Shree Krishna Mishthan Bhandar at Durgiana Temple.
The flavor is awesome and serves pure ghee sweets and savories half the price you would ve at Mumbai.
Do check out the Mohan Thaals and Pinnis & last but not the least.. Dryfruit rolls.

Packing the punch with sweet smiles and awesome hospitality... Lawrence road.. !!

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