Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Kheer: Indian sweet dish, made by boiling rice with milk and sugar, and flavoured with cardamom, raisins, saffron, pistachios or almonds.
This is one of those desserts, which can be made with the simplest and easiest available food items.

The ingredients

1. Milk (2 litres, full fat milk) serves 5-6 person
2. Rice (100 gms, 50 gm/litre), Basmati preferred (or 2 handfulls, 1 handfull per litre of milk)
3. Sugar (5 tablespoon)
4. Cardamom,Saffron(optional), but surely enhances the taste
5. Nuts(Cashew,Alomonds),raisins

The Steps

1. Put the milk in a thick bottom vessel and start boiling.

2. Add soaked rice in the milk.Keep on stirring and ensure that it does not stick at the bottom.(it happens with thin bottom vessels )

3. Boil and Stir

4. As the rice get cooked and the kheer/pudding starts getting a texture, add the already chopped nuts.

5. Add Saffron powder/strands (7-8)

6. Keep on stirring and lower the heat if required.

7. Allow it to cool a little and serve warm or refrigerate for some time.
When the Kheer/pudding cools down, it will get more thick, so when you take it off the heat, you can leave little scope for the pudding to get thick.