Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mirchi Pakode

I call this part-2 i.e. continuation of my last article on similar savoury here

Below is my experiences with making similar dish , but using long peppers as the subject

The Ingredients

1. Boiled potatoes
2. Long/Big peppers
3. Besan/Chick pea flour/Zirniu MIltai(in LTL)
3. Oil and spices such as salt,turmeric and chillies

The steps
1. Prepare the stuffing by mashing the potatoes with some salt,turmeric and chillies.
You may add some mango powder(amchur) to increase the sourness of the stuffing.

2. Fill/stuff the peppers with some mashed potatoes

3. Mix Chickpea flour,water,soda and other spices to make a thick paste.

3. Heat oil in a container where we can fry the savory.We are going to deep fry the savory.
4. Just when the oil is hot enough,(try frying a small drop of the paste )if the oil is more hot then lower the heat.

5. Dip the stuffed Chillies/pepper in the paste and ensure that it is nicely covered with the paste.

6. Lower is slowly in the hot oil and fry it to get the dark orange color.

7. Take it out and serve hot with Chutney/Ketchup

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