Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coriander Mint Chutney

Chutney:A term for a class of spicy preparations used as an accompaniment for a main dish
This is a perfect recipe to wake those taste buds.
Its sour and spicy, depending on an individual's choice.
Coriander-Mint chutney is the most widely used in India accompanies by a lot of snacks such as pakoda,Samosa,Dhokla,etc,etc. I would not dare writing them all here :-)

The Ingredients

1. Coriander(100gms)

2. Mint(100 gms)

You can also try with only Mint or Coriander, take 200gm of one of them then.
3. Fresh Chillies (4 no.s medium spicy). These should be taken as per one's taste.
4. Lemon Juice(of 2 lemons) .Again as per taste
5. Ginger(1 small piece)
6. Salt(2 tbsp)
7. Groundnut(50 gm)
8. Cumin Seeds(1 tbsp,optional)

The Steps

1. Roast the ground nuts for 2 mins in a pan or in a microwave.
2. Take around 200ml water and all ingredients except the coriander/mint and blend in the blender

3. Add the Coriander/Mint in small quantities and keep on blending.Add water if required.
4. Once it is blended well then check the taste of the Chutney for Salt, Sourness(add lemon to increase as per taste),Spicy(add more chillies as per taste).It is is more spicy than your taste then add some sugar or more coriander/water.

5. Thats it.. you may store this in a refrigerator and store for some days. If in large quantity then move some of it in a freezer.Also you may mix chutney with Yogurt i equal quantities to make a dip.

Here is it served with Dhokla... for the recipe for Dhokla.. untill next time.. :-)

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