Sunday, April 18, 2010

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer: Roasted Onions,Tomatoes with spices, blended with Spinach and lots of cottage Cheese. Thats how we have Palak paneer.
It is quite a simple and a good recipe.
Preparation time: 40 mins

Here we go, The ingredients are good enough for a serving for 5-6 persons.

The ingredients

1. Chopped Onions( 2 medium sized)

2. Ginger(a small peice,)Garlic(2 cloves) and Chilli(1 piece or none as per taste)

3. Tomatoes(2-3 tomatoes), chopped

4. Tomato Puree( 100 gms, optional, add this to make it less spicy)

5. Whole spices(Cinnamon,bay leaves(laura lapai),Black Cardamom,Green Cardamom and Pepper). These are for adding some flavour to the dish, if you are not able to get any of them or some..then also its fine.

6. Paneer, Cottage cheese ,Varshke Suris(Lithuanian, 22% fat,I prefer the Optima brand). We will need around 250 gms for 5-6 people

7. Spinach(fresh or frozen), 200 gms

8. Grounded Spices(Turmeric,Coriander)optional, Red pepper/Black pepper(as per taste), Salt as per taste, Butter,Peas(optional)

The Steps
1. Heat some oil(around 3 tablesppon) in a pan.Saute the spices(cadamom,bay leaves,etc) for 2 mins on medium flame. If you prefer, you may remove these from the oil now to make it less spicy.

2. Add Onion and Saute for 5 mins on medium flame . Add Ginger,Garlic and chillies,saute for 5-10 mins, untill the onions turn golden brown.

3. Add the tomatoes to the mixture, Saute for 5 mins. Add the grounded spices and Salt. saute for 5 mins

4. Cool it off, and blend it in a mixer/blender with some water(100 ml)

5. Boil the spinach leaves in hot water and salt for 10 mins

6. Let is cool and blend in the mixer with some water to get a puree. Also you may blend it with the above onion-tomato mix.

7. After blending the Spinach, heat some butter in a Pan, mix the Spinach and Onion-tomato puree in the Pan.add water if required.Add the green peas if you want(boil it longer for 5 mins so that the peas become soft). Put in the Paneer/Cottage Cheese cubes. Let it boil for some time.

7. Garnish with some grated Paneer/Cottage cheese.
Serve hot..(The paneer/cottage cheese is hard sometimes if the dish is not served Hot).

You can have it with Indian Bread(Roti/Naan) or Rice.

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