Monday, March 29, 2010

Dal Makhani

Boiled lentils, mixed with fried Onions,Tomatoes. garished with Coriander and a dash of Butter : ) = Dal Makhni.
Yes, the smile is the part of the recipe.. isn't that required in all the recipes.

Here we go

The ingredients

1. Lentils, Mixed (below I have taken Black Urad,Masoor,Whole Moong and other locally avalable Lentils). Also can add a hand full of kidney beans. This has to be soaked for 2-3 hrs minimum and boiled.

2.Finely chopped Onions(2 medium sized)

3. Ginger and Chillies

4.Ungrounded spices such as Cinnamom,Bay leaves,Cloves, Cardomom and black pepper

5. Finely chopped tomotoes (2 medium sized)

6. Grounded spices such as Turmeric,Chilli powder,Coriander and Salt.

7. Green fresh Coriander and Butter

The Steps
1. Saute the un-grounded spices in Oil for 2-3 mins

2. Add the ginger,chillies and Onion. Saute for 10 mins. on medium flame

3. Add the tomotoes,grounded spices

4.Saute for 10 mins on medium flame

5. Take the boiled lentils and add to the above mixture.

6. Add Salt and Water as required. Boil for 10 mins. Ensure that you add little more water as the dish will get thicker due to boiling and cooling thereoff.

7. Garnish with Coriander and Butter. Serve hot with Roti/Naan/Rice

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