Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peas & Corn soup

Another soup finds its way.
This one is quite easy to prepare and quite healthy too
This was suggested by my collegue at work(Thanks Ashutosh!!)

The ingredients
1. Boiled Corn and Peas (250gm each) serves 4-5

2. Cornflour or daily use flour (1 Tbs)

3. 1 Onion,Garlic(1-2 cloves),Oil (2 Tbs)

The Steps

1. Blend the boiled peas and corn with 250ml water

2. Saute Onion and garlic for 5 mins

3. Add the flour+water now (if using normal daily use whaet flour) or add later(If using cornflour)

4. Add the blended peas and corn mixture.
Boil it for 2 mins.Add salt,pepper,lemon juice and soya sauce.
Server hot!!...

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