Sunday, January 17, 2010

Onion Pakore and more

Pakore,Bhajji, etc .. who does not relish this snack from India.
For an intro.:Pakora (Hindi: पकोड़ा); is a fried snack found across South Asia. Read more

Below are the snapshots and recipe for making onion pakore. its quite a simple recipe.
(click on the pics to get the actual pics)
The ingredients

1. Finely chopped onion(2-3 nos.) and chillies(depends on how much spicy you would like to make this)

2. Besan (chick pea floor), 200gms
3. Red chilli powder (1 tea spoon), salt(to taste), soda powder(COGA in Lithuania, a pinch)

The steps
1. Mix the ingredients well with water to make a batter. The consistency should be such that you can see the batter dropping from the spoon. It should not be much wet(too much water) since you will face problem while frying with batter with too much water.

2. Heat oil in a vessel (generally we use a kadai on a gas stove in India) but if you have a flat electric hot plate, take a flat vessel made from steel and add oil so that it rises upto at least 2 inches in the vessel.
Keep it on medium flame.Start putting the batter slowly in the oil. I generally use a spoon to do that.


4. Fry till the color turns yellow-orange. And take it out on a plate with tissue paper, so that the excess oil can be soaked up.


5. Serve hot with Ketchup,chutney.

6. To take this ahead, you can prepare a simple dish with these pakora
Just saute some Onion,ginger and red chilli in oil


7. Add tomato puree , along with dry chili powder,coriander,turmeric and Salt to taste. Saute it for 5-6 minutes on medum flame.


Thereafter add some water (around 200ml) to the dish and simmer for 5-10 mins

8. Add the pakora to the above prepared gravy just 10 minsutes before serving and serve with Indian Roti/Bread.(similar to the way kofta is prepared)

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