Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gajar Ka halwa

Lets start with a Sweet dish first..
Gajar ka Halwa.. (carrot pudding)
I have taken the recipe from the Internet and made some touches.

I would recommend to take up this recipe when we have around 2 hrs.

The ingredients
Grated carrot 1 kg
Milk(fat minimum 3.5%) 1 litre
Whole dried milk (mawa) 200 grams or Condensed Milk 1 Can (around 350gm)
Sugar 2 cups
Ghee(clarified butter) 2 tbsp.
Dry fruits (sliced almond and cashew nuts, raisin ) 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp.

The Steps
1. Get some carrots, The seasonal red carrots are preferred, however depends on the availability also.(I got the below ones, here in Lithuania)


2. Peel them(if required)and grate them. Thick or thin, preferably I have grated them little thick because of the grater I had.


3.Start boiling the grated carrot with Milk on a medium flame.Add the cardamom powder as well.


4. Keep on stirring , so that the Milk does not fall out of the vessel or sticks at the bottom. I prefer to put a spatula/serving spoon in the vessel so that the milk does not overflow.



5. When, the milk dries up upto half of the quantity, add up the condensed milk/mawa.
Also add some of the dry fruits now, leave some of them(almods and cashewnuts) for garnishing.


6. Add the sugar,Keep on stirring and stirring on medium flame.


7. Now add the ghee(if ghee is not available, I have tried with butter also, the taste is satisfactory but not what you get with Ghee).Else you could try the halwa without roasting with Ghee, might miss just some of the taste.

After adding the Ghee, keep on stirring and roasting the hawla/pudding in the vessel, until the color becomes darker.Just make sure that it does not burn or stick at the bottom.
This is what I got at the end. The color will be much darker and red if the red carrots are used.

8. Garnish with some dry fruits like Almonds,Cashews

9. Or shape it UP(the below item was prepared by my collegue,Thanks Vytenis :) )

Comments are welcome!!


  1. I missed it!!but it is welcome at J9..:)


  2. Wah Gaurav bhai maan gaye..
    par yaar ek final pic aur lagana chaheye..
    Halwe ko ek bowl mein ya plate mein garnish karke dekhane waala :)

    All the best for ur comming recipes..

    Sumeet Arora

  3. Yep,I agree.. but halwa us se pehle hi khatam ho gaya tha :)

  4. Hi Gaurav.....recipe is not complete unless it is tasted by us in J9/G20

  5. Great idea of shaping it up!! Love it!

  6. ya thanks a lot it was really ossom............